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Matt Schuette

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I grew up in Montclair, Virginia, which is about 30 minutes south of Washington, DC. My family would come down to sunny southwest Florida to vacation every spring, so when it was time to start applying to colleges, I knew where I wanted to live. I moved down in the fall of 2011 and attended school at Florida Gulf Coast University. I was a Resident Assistant for 3 years and had taken on other leadership positions at FGCU; I was an Orientation Leader for one year and my junior year I was chosen as a Student Ambassador. I thrive in leadership roles and like being depended on, whether it be for a new student who needs help navigating university life, or someone looking for assistance in the real estate market.

I believe purchasing a home is one of the most important decisions in a person’s life. This is what motivates and drives my passion for real estate. Home is where your guard is down and memories are made. It is somewhere you spend a large amount of time, so finding the right place that makes you happy is a driving force in why I have chosen this as my full time career path.

Before I graduated I started working as an intern and then transitioned into Property Management and Marketing for Eventide Realty Services, LLC. I now have a Degree in Communication and a License in Real Estate. So if you are looking for a friendly face or have any questions about Real Estate or Property Management Services, stop by our office or give me a call.